Coming from a recent React project I “thought” I had a grip on what let and var would be defined as in Swift…..although there are some similarities its different.

Taking it back a step Constants letand variables var associate a name with a value of a particular type. Constants and variables must be declared before used. You declare a constant with let keyword and variables with the `var` keyword.

let — does not allow you to change the value because it is a constant

let countConstant = 0

var — is used to define mutable variables that do change value.

So what is Axios ?

Axios is a library that helps us make http requests to external resources.

Axios is promise-based giving the ability to use JavaScript and async await for more readable asynchronous code. it is used more often that fetch because it has a larger set of features and supports older browsers.

To install Axios follow the npm command:


TypeScript = JavaScript + a Type System

TypeScript is an open-source language which builds on JavaScript by adding static type definitions. Types provide a way to describe the shape of an object, providing better documentation, and allow TypeScript to Validate that your code is working correctly. Writing types can be optional in TypeScript, because type inference allows you to get a lot of power without writing additional code.

The goal of theTS Type system is to help us catch errors during development. It uses ‘type annotations’ to analyze our code. The type system is only active during development. …

A fun widget for your application! I decided to have some fun with HTML and CSS styling this week and this is one project I found that I could see my self applying often. A neat way to have a hidden search bar in your application.

I used font awesome for a styled icon, you simply go to font awesome and copy the script and add it to your header.

Getting Our HTML setup:

  1. In the body create a div with the class of “search” and this div will wrap both the input and the button.
  2. add an input with class of input…

building a static web page utilizing Middleman

I decided to help a friend out and build a static web page for their startup business. A static site relies on HTML, CSS and JS. In researching the best way to go about this I came across two easy to use frameworks Jekyll and Middleman. I decided to dive in and use Middleman to create the site. Seeing that you can host most static sites on GitHub Pages or Heroku I thought this would be a great start. Middleman uses Ruby, making ease of use a top priority and very straight forward. …

I have entered the next part of my journey into tech, coding challenges. One I came across recently was the FizzBuzz challenge!

The Challenge:

Write a program that prints the numbers 1 to 100. For multiples of 3 print “Fizz” and for multiples of 5 print “Buzz” in place of the number. For numbers that are multiples of 3 and 5 print “FizzBuzz”.

I chose to complete this challenge using Python -

  • Print numbers from 1 to 100: using a for -loop and the range()

Decorators can be thought of as functions which modify the functionality of another function. They help to make your code shorter and more “Pythonic”. Decorators allow us to wrap another function in order to extend the behavior of the wrapped function, without permanently modifying it.


In Python, functions are first class objects that means that functions in Python can be used or passed as arguments. Here is a tutorial on first class functions to sharpen that brain power First Class Functions.


  • A function is an instance of the Object type.
  • You can store the function in a variable.
  • You…

Learning Python and the next step in the course was to build a Blackjack game! Python concepts used in building this game were object oriented programming using classes and managing loops.

How to play and setup:

To play a hand of Blackjack the following steps must be followed:

  1. Create a deck of 52 cards
  2. Shuffle the deck
  3. Ask the Player for their bet
  4. Make sure that the Player’s bet does not exceed their available chips
  5. Deal two cards to the Dealer and two cards to the Player
  6. Show only one of the Dealer’s cards, the other remains hidden
  7. Show both of the Player’s cards
  8. Ask…

Python is less cluttered and more readable, it gets rid of ( ) and { } by incorporating a colon : and whitespace. A statement is ended with a : and whitespace is used as indentation to describe what takes place in case of the statement. Python is driven by code indentation and whitespace.

A statement is either an expression or one of several constructs with a keyword such as if, while or for. An expression is a combination of values, variables, operators, and calls to functions. Expressions need to be evaluated.

if, elif, else Statements — control flow syntax

It’s an amazing feeling passing my last assessment at Flatiron School. The journey to this point was not easy and required a lot of hard work and dedication. This Project covered React and Redux and it was an interesting assessment journey. I thought I would share what I used to prep for the Redux portion of this assessment.

The first question to answer is, what is Redux and why do we use it? Redux is a package that acts as a state management tool which allows the entire state on an application to be stored in one central location. The…

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